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Not sure where to host your posh picnic?

Here are a few options. Permits and fees may apply to certain locations.

Backyards or Residential Area's Great for:

  • Birthday Party

  • Graduation

  • Bridal Party & Shower

  • Girl’s/Guy’s night

  • Small Business Meeting

  • Other Celebrations 

Our Recommended Beach Locations (Western New Providence)

  • Orange Hill Beach

  • Sandy Port Beach

  • Goodman's Bay Beach


Feel free to suggest a location of your choice and we’ll work our magic!

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if inclement weather is projected?  What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

We ask that you check the forecast before selecting your posh picnic date. If bad weather occurs or you experience an emergency, we will reschedule your posh picnic. You will have three months from the original date to re-book. Visitors to The Bahamas will have one full year to re-book.  In an emergency, we ask that you reschedule within 72 hours of your initial date. Otherwise, the deposit is non-refundable.

What if I am late?

If you are 0-10 minutes late no charge. However, if you are 15 mins late or part thereof you will be charged $20, 30 mins or part thereof $50, 45 mins, or part thereof we reserve the right to consider you a no show and pack up the picnic without any refund.

What if an additional guest shows up at my picnic that I didn’t pay for?

No big deal! Your guest may not have a place to sit. We always recommend booking your picnic to accommodate all expected guests, but get that friends and family may want to stop by!

Can my Picnic be inside? 

Yes! All of our packages can be managed in an indoor setting.

Do I have to choose from the parks listed on this website?

Absolutely not, those are just a few possibilities. Let us know where you want to be (Your backyard? Local park?) And we will accommodate you. If you are outside of the island of New Providence, there will be additional travel fees. 

How much notice does Posh Picnic Parlour need to prepare my picnic?

We require a 3-day notice to get your picnic prepared and appreciate as much notice as possible.

Can we bring and drink alcohol at our picnic?

Sure, if it’s your private residence but not if it’s a public park or beach.

Does Posh Picnic Parlour provide the alcohol? 

Unfortunately, we do not due to restrictions, and to ensure a safe, family-oriented outdoor recreation experience for all park and beaches visitors.

What do I do about food?

You can pack a delicious home-cooked meal and bring it along. You can also choose to order from one of your favorite local restaurants and pick it up on your way to the picnic. However, if you are looking for convenience, we can order your food once you give us the details.  We will pick up and deliver your food to you at an additional cost.

Can I take anything home?

All items belong to Posh Picnic Parlour and should be left as you found them. All purchased food or fresh flowers are yours to take with you. Posh Picnic Parlour reserves the right to charge for any missing or damaged products.

What if I damage the setup?

We are happy to clean up after you because it's a part of our service.  However, if there is irreparable damage to our equipment, the contact for the picnic will be notified and charged.

Can we bring pets?

If the location or public park allows pets, your furry friend is more than welcome to tag along! Please be sure to clean up after them and let us know if any accidents occur. It happens. We have pets too!

Can I bring my own food?

Absolutely! You don’t need to use our add-on service if you do not wish. We also have local food vendor options to refer you to.


 Please note your booking date is not finalized until the agreement and waiver has been signed and payment received! 

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