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Luxury Picnic? Yes please!

Welcome to Nassau’s newest way to dine & spend quality time!

Posh Picnic Parlour is a safe, convenient, and fun way to gather outdoors to experience the island’s clear turquoise beaches, parks, and good company.

Excitingly Romantic

My husband and I were not about to let the rising COVID-19 cases end our perfect streak of romantically adventurous date nights. Even though we agreed to have a date night at home, I wanted the experience to be unique, enjoyable, and romantic.  Guess what happened next? Our babysitting plan fell through. Our toddler was now the third wheel on our date. So my planning and creative juices started flowing.

I asked myself, what were the things all three of us enjoyed? We love delicious food, a great ambiance, lovely décor, and our toddler loves picnics. 'That's it!' I said to myself. We were going to have a dinner picnic on the balcony of our home. I started an internet search and was inspired by beautiful picnic ideas.  I gathered from my home taper ivory candles, eucalyptus vines, a grey table runner, soft yellow, blue and white cushions, and rented a boho picnic table. Then I got to styling.  My husband slowly walked onto the balcony when I had finished. In awe, he said, “this is beautiful…you should look into doing this as a business." Excitingly I agreed.  That date night under the starry skies, on the balcony of our home feasting on delicious Asian cuisine and spending quality time together, Posh Picnic Parlour was conceived.


Pattern FULL_edited_edited.png
Pattern FULL_edited_edited.png


Bring your dream picnic to life!

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You choose! 

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